Lake Leelanau

About the Community and Real Estate Opportunities

A small town and community located between Leland and Suttons Bay at the only access across Lake Leelanau, one of the largest lakes in Michigan.

History of Lake Leelanau
A great deal of history remains in the small community now known as Lake Leelanau.

When the Native Americans first settled in this area, they called it “ke-ski-bi-ag” which means “narrow body of water”.  They called the lake “lee-lan-au” which means “delight of land”.  In the middle of the nineteenth century, French settlers migrated from Canada and the area became known as “Le Naro” referring to its location near “the narrows”, the area that connects North and South Lake Leelanau.  In 1854, a dam was built on the Leland River which raised the water by 12 feet and substantially increased its size. 

In 1855 the first vineyard was planted in Leelanau County by the Schaub family who sold their wine locally as well as in Detroit and Ohio.  A fur trader, Andre de Beloit, mightily tried to drill for oil in 1867 but hit an artesian spring instead.  The artesian spring still flows today and is located near Fountain Point resort.  The areas first post office was established in 1871 and referred to as “Provemont”, believed to be shortened from “improvement” reflective of the times.  The post office was renamed to Lake Leelanau in 1924.  The Catholic school, St. Mary of Assumption was built in 1887 and later burned to the ground forcing residents to rebuild in 1928 the brick school that remains.

Lake Leelanau Today
Less than 300 people reside in Lake Leelanau on a year-round basis.  However, as with the other areas throughout the Leelanau peninsula tourism plays a major role in the community’s economy.  Lake Leelanau provides a gateway from Leland to Suttons Bay.

Lake Leelanau Real Estate
Investors will find moderately priced homes in the Village of Lake Leelanau and the area immediately surround it.  Those seeking a waterfront residence or vacation home will find existing dwellings for a variety of prices, sizes and age.  Vacant parcels are also available for the opportunity to build a custom home. Most locations have firm, sandy bottom ideal for swimming and all water sports.    

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Schools in Lake Leelanau
Families living in Lake Leelanau will be in the Suttons Bay school district.  St. Mary’s Catholic School provides a private, Catholic education to children in kindergarten through 12th grade.  Suttons Bay public school offers education for children from Kindergarten through high school. 

Churches in Lake Leelanau
Lake Leelanau is home to a couple of churches.  Within a short drive to neighboring villages, additional churches can be found.
St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Leelanau Community Church

Entertainment in Lake Leelanau 
While many consider the natural wonders of the region to be entertainment for the area, there are also a host of unique opportunities for dining, lodging, wine & spirits tasting, shopping and more! 

Leelanau has become a foodie destination supported by fine wine and craft spirits.  Locals and visitors enjoy the variety casual serve-yourself eateries to elegant white linen fine dining.
                Bella Fortuna
                Dick’s Pour House
                Pedaling Beans Coffeehouse

Living in Leelanau is sure to bring additional family and friends that want to visit.  The area boasts a variety of vacation rental opportunities including cottages, homes, and bed & breakfasts.  Following are good resources to assist you in finding the best options for you and your guests.
        Leelanau Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

Other Recreation & Entertainment
                Northern Latitudes Distillery

Roger, Tim, and Melanie Schaub
Roger, Tim, and Melanie Schaub