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About Cedar and Real Estate Opportunities

Cedar is a small town located in the center of the Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan.  The town has a rich Polish history that stems back to 1868 when Polish immigrants began to settle in this location.  Residents today still proudly identify with their Polish heritage and celebrate with the annual Cedar Polka Festival.

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History of Cedar

The area is now known as Cedar originally consisted of three settlements known as Schomberg, Bodus, and Isadore. Polish immigrants from Gdansk or Poznan (Posen) initially settled in cities such as Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Toledo with a goal of earning enough money to purchase land through the Homestead Act of 1862. Around 1868, families began moving north to Leelanau and many first-generation farm retirees and Polish people moved to what was known as the largest community, Cedar City.

Lumberman, Benjamin Boughey, named the area Cedar City in 1885 because of the large cedar forest that surrounded it. In the early 1900s, the cedar forest was stripped and logged to help rebuild Chicago after the great fire of 1871.

The main street of Cedar looks much like it did 50 years ago and is still identified as a Polish community. The Cedar Polka Festival celebrates the polish heritage is an annual summer event that began in 1975.

Cedar Today

Cedar is a small town that is both diverse and deeply rooted.  Its residents pride themselves on being a "stereotypical small town" where everyone knows your name, and in times of celebration or need, the community bands together to support one another.  Locals and visitors will find casual dining at the local tavern and restaurant, an ice cream shop, a meat market, grocery store, gas station and other quality artisans with shops in Cedar.

Cedar Real Estate

While the town of Cedar is relatively small, the boundaries span a large area of land throughout the center of the peninsula.  The most eastern border is near Cedar Lake (just north of Traverse City).  The border continues northern including homes and property on the western shores of Lake Leelanau.  The most southern border is at M72 and continues north from there just east of Maple City including property around Lime Lake and Little Traverse Lake. The northern border includes some parts of Good Harbor Bay. The Victoria Creek runs through the town and spills into the southern end of Lake Leelanau.

Rolling hills, vacant acreage, farms, orchards, and smaller neighborhoods define the residential opportunities in Cedar.

Other Community Information

Schools Near Cedar

While there are no longer any schools operating in Cedar, families living there will be a part of one of three school districts – Glen Lake Community Schools, Leland Public School District or Traverse City Area Public Schools each offering education from kindergarten through high school.

Cedar Churches  Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Cedar is home to three small churches of various denominations. Within a short drive, to neighboring villages, additional churches can be found.  

Holy Rosary Catholic Church  

Faith Missionary Baptist Church

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Entertainment & Recreation in Cedar

While many consider the natural wonders of the region to be entertainment for the area, there are also a host of unique shops, dining, and events in Cedar. The most notable is the annual Cedar Polka Festival. Residents and visitors also enjoy boating, fishing, camping, golfing, hiking and more.

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