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About Omena and Real Estate Opportunities

Omena is a small unincorporated community in Leelanau Township overlooking Omena Bay, on the western side of the peninsula.  Omena is home to wineries and farms including a thriving organic farming movement that includes cherries and hops.

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History of Omena

In 1852, an Indian mission from Old Mission Peninsula on the west arm of the Grand Traverse Bay relocated under the direction of Reverend Peter Daugherty.  A small Presbyterian church was built at the heart of the community.  The church continues to provide summer services only in the summer.  The word "Omena" comes from an Ojibwe Indian expression meaning "Is that so?" or "Is that really true?" and was a common response made by Rev Daugherty to statements made by Indians.  Omena was also a stop along the Grand Rapids/Indiana Railroad and became known as a summer resort area.

Omena Today

Omena remains a small rural community in a charming location on Omena Bay just south of Northport along the eastern side of the peninsula.  There are a few shops, a museum, restaurant and wine tasting room for folks to enjoy.

Omena Real Estate

Real estate opportunities in Omena may include single family homes, farms, and orchards or small business and will also appear with Northport listings because they share the zip code 49670.


Other Community Information

Schools in Omena

Residents of Omena will be a part of the Northport Public School system that offers kindergarten through high school.

Churches in Omena

Omena has one church, Omena Presbyterian Church that hosts services in the summer months only.  Additional churches of different denominations can also be found nearby.

Entertainment & Recreation in Omena

While many consider the natural wonders of the region to be entertainment for the area, there are a few shops, a museum, restaurant, and wine tasting room in Omena.  Residents and visitors also enjoy a marina, boating, and fishing.

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