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Understanding Michigan Property Taxes

Posted by Jamie Jewell on Jan 30 , 2024 - 09:42 am

Michigan property taxes are capped at the rate of inflation or a max of 5% of the taxable value until the property is sold and the taxable value is uncapped on the next Tax Assessment Day (Dec 31). What does this mean for new Buyers and how to plan for their tax liability.

Radon Awareness: What You Need to Know

Posted by Jamie Jewell on Jan 10 , 2024 - 11:51 am

Michigan has declared the month of January as Radon Action Month. We’ve gathered some important facts and resources to help you make informed decisions and raise awareness on one of the leading causes of lung cancer.

Mortgage FAQ for Homebuyers and Home Financing

Posted by Seth Murphy, Guest Blogger from on Nov 16 , 2023 - 06:48 am

Are you planning on buying a home? Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of home ownership or looking to refine your real estate portfolio, it’s essential to have a solid grasp of the mortgage process.

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Habitat for Humanity Home Available in Maple City

Posted by Jamie Jewell on Nov 10 , 2023 - 06:45 am

Habitat for Humanity, Grand Traverse currently has a new home for sale at Maple City Crossings located in Maple City. The Grand Traverse regional Habitat is an independent, non-profit organization that serves the people of Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, and Leelanau Counties.

Financing Options When Interest Rates are High

Posted by Jamie Jewell on Nov 09 , 2023 - 07:53 am

We explore two financing options to consider while interest rates are high including an assumable mortgage and mortgage buydowns.

Featured in the Leelanau Ticker: Centennial Farm with Waterfront

Posted by Jamie Jewell on Sep 29 , 2023 - 08:08 am

“Grandpa Charlie settled here in 1865 from Alsace-Lorraine,” says Tom Morio. He is one of five siblings looking to sell the property that’s been in the family since the days of Grandpa Charlie, who was actually his great-grandfather.

Summertime Energy Saving Tips from Consumers Energy

Posted by Jamie Jewell on Jul 26 , 2023 - 08:31 am

Summer is in full swing and we have received some helpful, energy-saving tips that you can implement today!

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