Maple City

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About Maple City and Real Estate Opportunities

Maple City is a small unincorporated, “four corners” town in the heart of Leelanau that provides direct access from M-72 (the road at the southern base of the peninsula) to M-22, a notable road that travels from south to north on the west side of the peninsula.

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History of Maple City 

In 1866, J.T Sturvtevant and his son built a factory that made wooden shoe pegs on land surrounded by several hundred acres of maple trees. The community that formed around it was called Peg Town. When a post office was established in 1875, the town name changed to Maple City. The shoe peg factory later burned in 1880 and a sawmill was built in its place by 1882 that produced wooden bowls, handles for brooms and pitchforks, wood flooring, and shingles.  The sawmill operated until 1916.

Maple City Today

Maple City maintains the charm of a quaint village with a minimum number of shops and restaurants to provide service to area residents and guests.  It is not uncommon to see folks gathered in neighborly conversations at the local gas station, area restaurants or grocery store. 

Pegtown Station, a restaurant serving handcrafted breakfast, pizzas, and specialty sandwiches whose name and interior memorabilia provide a nod to the town's history.  

Maple City Real Estate

Maple City is a relatively modest and small community with a population of under 210 people.  Thought of as some of the most affordable real estate in the Leelanau Peninsula, Maple City provides convenient access to the coastal communities of Glen Arbor and Leland along with many natural resources including the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail.  Real estate opportunities include single family home, acreage, farms with orchards, cottages and larger lakefront dwellings on Lime Lake and Little Traverse Lake.

Other Community Information

Schools in Maple City

Families living in Maple City will either be a part the Glen Lake Community Schools or the Leland Public School both offering kindergarten through high school.

Churches in Maple City

Maple City is home to three small churches. Within a short drive, to neighboring villages, additional churches can be found.

  • Maple City Community Church
  • St. Rita’s & St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Entertainment in Maple City

While many consider the natural wonders of the region to be entertainment for the area, there a few shops and restaurants in Maple City and residents and visitors also enjoy the many public beach accesses, boating, biking, fishing, camping, hiking and more.

Following are some additional resources for information on what do to in Maple City: