Northport, Michigan

About the Community and Real Estate Opportunities
Located near the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula, the village of Northport encompasses 1.65 square miles, which is all land. 

History of Northport
When an epidemic of the smallpox occurred in Michigan in 1848, Chief Peter Waukazoo and Reverend George Smith moved folks from the community of Holland up to top of the Leelanau Peninsula by boats and canoes.  The settlement was called Waukazooville.  In the absence of a town doctor, Reverend Smith stepped in to deliver babies and help the sick.  Reverend Smith was also instrumental in introducing cherry farms to the area when he added an orchard in 1853 on his farm.  There were so many cherries in the first few years they the abundance was shipped to nearby cities for market.

In 1854, the towns name was changed to Northport by newcomer Deacon Joseph Dame.  In the years that followed, Northport became home for many from New York and Canada.  

Living in Northport Today
While the Village of Northport is very small, there are still many opportunities to enjoy the town and surrounding natural areas.  The Grand Traverse Lighthouse, a historic building built in 1852 is located just nine miles north of town.  Now a tourist attraction set within the Leelanau State Park is surrounded by nearly 1,300 acres including a museum, rustic campground, miles of hiking and skiing trail and Lake Michigan shoreline.

Northport Real Estate
Moderately priced homes can be found within and just outside the Village.  Others, seeking the luxury and solitude of the vast shoreline and natural amenities with convenient access to the small town will find Northport to be the ultimate locale for estate style homes that have been enjoyed by families for decades, often multiple generations.  

Northport Point is a community of 100 homes on a wooded peninsula with few year-round residences and includes a private nine-hole golf course.  Founded in 1899, the Point became a summer haven for many metropolitan families from the Midwest and East Coast.
Residents and visitors with aircraft enjoy the convenience of Woolsey Airport which provides an unmanned terminal, 2 runways (2,670 and 3,663 ft long) and 4 hangars.

Schools in Northport
Families living in Northport will be a part of the Northport public school district.  Northport Public School offers education for children from Kindergarten through high school with total enrollment averaging 150 students.

Churches in Northport
Northport is home to several churches of multiple denominations.  
Bethany Lutheran Church
St. Wenceslaus

Entertainment in Northport
While many consider the natural wonders of the region to be entertainment for the area, there are also a host of unique opportunities for dining, lodging, and more!  Annual events include Winter Carnival, Fly In Breakfast at Woolsey Airport, and Cars in the Park.

Leelanau has become a foodie destination supported by fine wine and craft spirits.  Locals and visitors enjoy the variety of casual to family style dining.
Tucker’s of Northport

Living in Leelanau is sure to bring additional family and friends that want to visit.  The area boasts a variety of vacation rental opportunities including cottages, homes, and bed & breakfasts.  Following are good resources to assist you in finding the best options for your guests.  
Leelanau Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

Other Recreation & Entertainment
G. Marsten Dame Marina  
Roger, Tim, and Melanie Schaub
Roger, Tim, and Melanie Schaub