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Roger Schaub Now a Ramsey Trusted Provider

Posted by Jamie Jewell on Mar 10 , 2022 - 11:42 am

Roger SchaubWhen Roger Schaub was approached about becoming a Ramsey Trusted Professional his interest was piqued.  He was familiar with Dave Ramsey as a financial adviser.  What he didn't know was Ramsey Solutions has created a brand called Endorsed Local Providers (ELP), a program to help Ramsey fans find qualified professionals to assist with services in their area.

Dave Ramsey experienced personal financial demise in the late '80s when his over-leveraged, $4 million portfolio loans and lines of credit were recalled by new bank ownership.  After years of fighting through his financial recovery, Dave began providing financial advice to couples at this local church.  Now Ramsey is a radio host, author, and businessman assisting individuals to find financial peace.

As a Ramsey ELP, Roger will work with clients through their real estate journey from start to finish.  He and his team (Jamie Jewell and Jeff Baja) have gone through training on the Ramsey core values, baby steps, philosophies, and more.  Roger also participates in ongoing coaching with Ramsey's team to ensure he's meeting their high standards and achieving their core values of serving as opposed to selling.

To learn more about the Ramsey Real Estate ELP, contact Roger.