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Safeguarding Your Home and Garden from Pests and Animals

Posted by Raymond Web on Jun 15 , 2022 - 10:02 am

Vegetable GardenHaving a beautiful garden adds to the beauty of your home; however, it also invites unwanted animals and pests to your house, and getting rid of them becomes important.

Many professional exterminators in Tracy suggest getting regular pest inspections done as it helps to protect from harmful insects that can cause health issues and damage to the property. This article will have a look at the commonly found animals and insects in your garden with the strategies to get rid of them.

Commonly found pests and animals in Michigan homes and gardens.

Have you ever wondered which animals and pests can be spotted around your house when you have a beautiful garden? Well, let's take a look.

1. Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants in the house are pretty common, and over the last few years, we've seen a lot of cases where people were trying to get rid of them. These are known to be one of the largest ant species, and they get their name from the habit of building nests inside the wood.

2. Spiders

When spiders start to eat these insects, they also urinate in the same place, which leaves an acidic substance on the surface. This later causes harm to the surface, and hence the homeowner has to spend more money on the maintenance of their home.

Deer3. Deer

Having a deer in your garden is like giving an invitation to an eating machine. While these four-legged animals may not do any harm to you and your kids, they'll probably end up eating every single thing they find in your garden, including the vegetables, shrubs, tulips, and a lot more.

4. Rabbits

Having them in your garden can bring a lot of harm. Rabbits will eat up all your flowers, vegetables, and other plantings.

5. Groundhogs

Also known as Woodchucks, these rodents can devastate vegetable gardens and fruit plantations in a blink of an eye.

6. Voles

Voles are known to chew and feed on root crops such as carrots, beetroot, and radishes while they are growing. If you have any of these crops in your garden, then it's likely that having voles will destroy these crops.

7. Raccoons

Raccoons often attack vegetable and fruit gardens, and they can instantly get away with berries, corn, and all kinds of fruits.

8. Squirrels

Squirrels are usually seen in your garden during fall or dry weather conditions. They are known to attack the heads of fruits and seeds.

How to safeguard your garden from Animals?

Pest Control ExpertsSafeguarding your garden is a complicated task and might take some work; however, doing it becomes easier than you think when you follow the proper methods. Have a look at some of the best ways that can help you to safeguard your garden from Animals:

1. Identify

Before you come up with a solution, it is important to identify which animal or pest is ruining your garden. Catching animals in the act can be tricky; therefore, you must have a closer look at the traces they leave behind. Setting up higher fences for animals like deer will be useless if rabbits, raccoons, and squirrels are the real problem.

2. Protect

Many people think that their job is done after planting up a garden, which makes them forget that taking care of it is also an important part. Once you are done planting a garden, you should put up a physical barrier that helps you to keep animals out.

3. Repel

A lot of products available on the market use substances that can easily repel pests and scare the animals which can help you with keeping your garden clean. These products contain an offensive odor, essential oils, and a lot more stuff, so you just have to sprinkle them around the areas you want to protect, and it will help you to keep the pests and animals away.

4. Eliminate

When all the methods listed above fail, you should call a professional that can trap the animals affecting your garden or pest control team to get rid of the pest.


Many frustrated homeowners are known to use poison to get rid of animals. Doing this might be illegal in your area and using poison can also be toxic to pets and children.


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